ExtPlug beta

ExtPlug is an advanced, flexible extension for plug.dj.

Install as Bookmarklet Userscript



The simplest way to use ExtPlug is to install the below bookmarklet by dragging it to your bookmarks bar. Then, simply press the bookmark on a plug.dj page to start using ExtPlug!


Chrome Extension

Install the Chrome extension to auto-load ExtPlug when you visit plug.dj!

Chrome Extension


If you want to auto-load ExtPlug every time you open up plug.dj, without one of the ExtPlug browser extensions, you can use the userscript version instead. Install the Greasemonkey addon for Firefox, or the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome, and press the button below!


Firefox Addon

Coming soon: A firefox addon for even simpler usage with Firefox.

Coming soon!

Early Beta

ExtPlug is still in development, so chances are you'll stumble upon a bug every now and then. You can report bugs in the ExtPlug Gitter room, or in the Github Issues tracker for the relevant plugin, or for ExtPlug itself.


All ExtPlug functionality comes in the form of plugins. This means that you can easily mix and match functionality that you like, and leave out the bits that you don't like.

Bundled Plugins

Bundled plugins are installed by default. You can still remove them, if you like! These plugins cover the basic functionality of other popular extensions like plug3 and the Radiant Community Script (RCS).

Official Plugins

ExtPlug has a bunch of "official plugins". Some are included with ExtPlug by default, and others have to be installed manually.